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Oct. 24th, 2011 10:46 am
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  • Sun, 15:44: RT @Blackalogy: Constitution sounds negative and since 'pro' is the opposite of 'con' we should call in the Pro... oh..
  • Sun, 15:57: RT @TeddyRiley1: Today is the day!! SM Town live is about to be poppin. I can't wait to see everyone perform. So excited!!!
  • Sun, 16:07: ;; SMTown NY. /sobs.
  • Sun, 16:42: Idk why but hermione doing the incendio spell on the horcrux in HP7-1 is one of my favorite moments it hers.
  • Sun, 16:44: And by it, my phone means of
  • Sun, 16:48: I like douche bag horcrux wearing Ron xD
  • Sun, 16:51: sickly sickly me ;;
  • Sun, 16:53: That's what she said. ;D RT @KoreanEveryDay Don't do it too fast! = 너무 빨리 하지 마세요!
  • Sun, 16:54: MY LIFE RN! /SOBS RT @KoreanEveryDay I wish I was in New York right now = 지금 제가 뉴욕에 있다면 좋겠는데..
  • Sun, 17:02: I'm pretty much gonna need all the snsd & shinee fancams possible from tonight. just sayin
  • Sun, 23:44: Rekrksh WHY AM I NOT THERE?! ;; RT @seoulcialite Jessica and Krystal are performing Tik tok
  • Sun, 23:49: RT @disneywords: If my heart keeps singing, will my song go winging to someone who'll find me and bring back a love song to me? –Aurora
  • Mon, 00:29: Fuuuuck ;; my girls are performing now /sobs
  • Mon, 00:33: RT @EpicTweets_: Dear life, When I said "can my day get any worse" it was a rhetorical question not a challenge.
  • Mon, 00:36: RT @skysplat: seohyun: 'im so glad to be... So happy to be...' tiffany: 'here...'
  • Mon, 00:37: RT @seoulcialite: Girls generation introductions took 15 minutes cuz umm there are 9 members each. Duh.
  • Mon, 00:59: RT @iSpeakComedy: "Let's eat grandpa." "Let's eat, grandpa." Correct punctuation can save someones life
  • Mon, 01:07: It I traded my soul for Smtown tickets, think I'd get a good seat?
  • Mon, 01:08: I mean, it's gotta be worth at least 5th row.
  • Mon, 01:10: I'm petitioning for SMTown to happen in my backyard next.
  • Mon, 02:06: /SOBS WHY AM I NOT THERE? RT @skysplat First ever english live stage performance begins.... now!
  • Mon, 02:06: RT @TeddyRiley1: Oh my god oh my god oh my god. GIRLS GENERATION IS THE TRUTH!!!!
  • Mon, 02:06: RT @TeddyRiley1: Wow...The boys they rocked it hard.
  • Mon, 02:08: RT @skysplat: ok this is coming from someone who didn't like it initially, but 'the boys' is so much better live.. it's born for stage p ...
  • Mon, 02:08: RT @skysplat: ... to hype an audience, which it definitely did!
  • Mon, 02:27: D'aww how cute is Mr. Teddy? RT @TeddyRiley1 Oh my god Super Junior...Killing it.
  • Mon, 02:28: DAMN RIGHT! RT @TeddyRiley1 Shinee did the damn thing. Wow
  • Mon, 02:35: Fjdkdksj performing mirotic? As only 2? Must find fancam
  • Mon, 02:52: Must get lucifer fancam unf.
  • Mon, 03:00: "Removing an eye is easy. All it takes is a confident man and a coffee spoon"


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