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  • Пт, 07:17: RT @PUSHA_T: "Str8 torture, look what that slick shit bought ya...a 1st class ticket to Lucifer, real name Christopher!"
  • Пт, 07:19: this McDonalds commercial where the girl gives her boyfriend these ridic pet names cracks me the fuck up xD Especially at 'hey wiggly~'
  • Пт, 07:22: I hate when I have to restart my computer after I install something. :/ With modern technology now, why can't we skip this step?
  • Пт, 07:27: And is it just me or are Dell's fucking piece of shit computers? :/
  • Пт, 07:32: McAfee.... I will kill you.
  • Пт, 07:34: plugged my ipod into my sisters laptop and it went all white screen. dsfjdslfdsa ;; what is happening~
  • Пт, 07:35: I swear.... if all my music is gone the world is going to ex-fucking-plode
  • Пт, 07:38: this is why I miss my Mac. When I told it to do something, it did it. What a concept!
  • Пт, 07:39: I remember someone asked me once what the difference between PC and Mac was and I said 'Well, Mac's work.'
  • Пт, 07:42: ipod screen says connected, computer says 'please connect device.' :|
  • Пт, 08:20: I fucking almost slapped the shit out of her for thinking that it was not only true, but justified.
  • Пт, 08:46: Tablo album. download faster so I can get the fuck to sleep. u_u;
  • Пт, 09:12: Ok gonna sleep for a few hours finally.
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