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  • Вт, 20:56: My brothers rap: I'ma steal yo car. I'ma go pimp my ride. I'ma sit on yo toliet.
  • Вт, 21:13: RT @Leo_Tweets: #Leo women are full of life, elegance, and beauty. She is smart, witty, strong and talented. Very independent and can no ...
  • Вт, 22:04: RT @factable: They have square watermelons in Japan (they stack better) http://t.co/UNA4GKGK
  • Ср, 03:05: Paranormal Activity 3 wasn't nearly as scary as I would've hoped.
  • Ср, 03:30: uh. wtf did twitter just do? :/ dnw this new style
  • Ср, 03:36: fuck. A.Mi.Go and The SHINee World in Japanese? Unsure if want. Must listen first.
  • Ср, 03:39: but since I am going to listen to it, @kittonanotime and I still be livin' in the SM Town and it runs on SMT lololol
  • Ср, 03:42: Maybe it's because I fucking love A.Mi.Go, but the Japanese version isn't as bad as I thought.
  • Ср, 07:26: museling, you always worry me when you talk to guys.
  • Ср, 07:26: even when it's not anything like that. /sigh. u_u
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