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  • Сб, 17:42: http://t.co/Ve1HpYmt good morning world~
  • Сб, 19:32: My life lol RT @EpicTweets_ I wear earbuds that aren't hooked up to anything just so people won't talk to me.
  • Сб, 19:34: RT @JeanGreasy: PETA, understand. I'm trying to help you. By keeping all the animals safe. In my tummy. #turducken
  • Сб, 19:37: Hungry, but too into watching iron chef to make food. lol
  • Сб, 19:49: I smell cinnamon buns gddfkshdks *~*
  • Сб, 19:55: Look people, it isn't the Christmas season until you see Santa at the end of the Macy's Parade.
  • Сб, 20:09: RT @EpicTweets_: Facebook doesn’t need a “dislike button” if no one liked your status then it’s pretty evident they disliked it, in a ni ...
  • Сб, 20:40: Stop. Now make that mother fucker hammer time~
  • Сб, 20:42: Tbh, I think nicki could've done better on her rap for A$$
  • Сб, 20:49: My sister explaining the new twilight movie to me. Watch your step, you'll fall into a plothole.
  • Вс, 11:17: My vertigo is all messing up cause it's so dark in here. ><
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